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Red Rum

This gorgeous clock is made from 95% recycled materials and makes a very strong statement for any room in your house or your garage. The pictures don't do it justice as it's hard to photograph a shiny silver background. I collect all the recycled motorcycle parts, clean them, scout for the backings and powder coat most of them and then the fun of finding the right back and part begins! Each clock is 100% unique, so you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork when you make your purchase. You can select different hands for every clock from the ones you see in other listings at no charge--and a change of hands really changes the look of a clock. Just ask! I ship Priority Mail so you or a gift recipient will usually get the clock in just a couple of days. I've also shipped to many, many different countries so if you are overseas and need a quote, don't hesitate to ask! My clocks have been shown at galleries around the world, been featured in GQ magazine in Russia, been on local news, been featured at numerous shows and have been highlighted on hundreds of websites and blogs--so you can rest assured that they are top-notch quality artwork. And if you have a special request, don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you for considering one of my clocks for your home or a very unique gift for someone you love! Michole


  • $ 149.00
  • steel and aluminum
  • 8
  • 2lbs lbs
  • Many other hand/second hand options available! Please contact me to discuss.

Shipping Information

  • Ships next business day via USPS Priority Mail
  • Estimated Arrival: Usually 2-4 business days, tracking number provided
  • Ships to: United States. International orders please contact me for an estimate